International Academic Forum 2022   

                  Geoeconomic Strategies and Audit in a Multipolarized World                                                                              

International Academic Forum 2022 is going to take place at Yeditepe University on December 2, 2022 with the collaboration of "Accounting Academicians’ Research and Collaboration Foundation (MODAV)" and "The Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey (TIDE)".
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TIDE strategically gives special attention and priority to develop academic relations with universities, by means of providing value and support to advance the internal audit profession academically. The Institute will organize International Academic Forum 2022 together with MODAV  in order to strengthen the professional connection between the business world and the academic world and moreover designate the scope and direction of the mutual cooperation. 
MODAV has been incorporated in 1995 with the goal of ensuring the cooperation of accounting academic members, contributing to the development of accounting and related science disciplines as well as accounting profession, bringing scientific solutions to problems concerning accounting faced in public and private sector institutions and helping develop new accounting techniques. MODAV, who has been publishing a scientific peer-reviewed journal since its incorporation; called "Accounting Science World", serves the discipline of accounting through organizing panels, conferences, seminars and workshops with universities. For further information on MODAV, please visit

Having been founded in 1996 by Istanbul Egitim ve Kultur Vakfi (ISTEK – Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation), Yeditepe University, in line with Ataturk’s principles, with its pioneering and distinguished academic and administrative staff, aims to raise young people that are modern, inquisitive, equipped with all the qualifications that are needed in the business world and all the technological skills necessary, well-versed in different cultures and personally well developed. With its contemporary academic programs and applications, our University offers an education that is necessary for people of the age of information.

Continuing its innovative and up-to-date academic efforts on Undergraduate and Graduate levels with 13 Faculties, 2 Colleges, 1 Vocational School and 6 Graduate Schools, Yeditepe University hosts TIDE International Academic Forum 2022.

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